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Meat, Beer, & Modern Pornography: Playlist for next week- women's day special broadcast


I couldn’t do the show this week but I do a women’s day special every year so late by a week but who cares. This playlist is all female vocalists.

1. May Day (ft. The Duke Spirit)- Unkle

2. Wasted Early Sunday Morning- Sneaker Pimps

3. Elephant Woman- Blonde Redhead

4. Dr. Strangeluv- Blonde…

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Christopher Moore is always ridiculous, but Fool is him at his finest.

I read it for the first time at the library in an uncomfortable chair ‘cause I could not be bothered to borrow it and take it home; it demanded instant reading.

What gods do you know that are logical? Name two.
Coyote, Christopher Moore’s “Coyote Blue” (via vovat)
  • AV Club:

    One of things that you and Tom Hanks share is that you’re both unabashedly excited about things in a pop-culture world that’s very cynical.

  • Chris Hardwick:

    I could not agree with you more. I do catch shit from people who sometimes say, “You’re too upbeat. You must be fake.” No, we’ve adopted this idea in our culture that negativity is more real somehow than being positive. I know this is going to sound weird because they’re values, but ultimately they’re neutral. Not neutral, it’s just that they’re equal. You can either be negative or you can be positive. But they’re equally as real. We just assume that negativity is more real because we’re used to being unhappy or we think, “Oh, yeah, being positive, that’s a thing that people fake, but the real people live down here where you’re just knee-deep in shit and everything sucks. And anybody that tells you otherwise is trying to fucking sell you something.” I’m like, “No, some people are just upbeat. Some people are just positive and they’re every bit as real as people who are negative.” I think that’s more a reflection of the observer than the thing that they’re observing. Tom is just a nice, upbeat guy, and we’re upbeat guys. We are who we are. We all can’t fake it for hundreds of hours.

Comedy Central's Indecision: Happy International Women's Day!



Women have come a long way since the olden days when there was no International Women’s Day. Especially in America! How far? Glad you asked! Let’s chart some progress!

1. Four out of every five U.S. senators is a man, but women can wear knickers whenever they want. Glass ceiling, look out!

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Antarctica. It won’t be crowded!


LGBTQ* Podcasts You May Have Missed

Stuff You Missed in History Class, from How Stuff W?rks, is a wonderful source for information about LGBTQ* culture. In the last year, they did the podcast “Who Wore the Pink Triangle,” and even covered a gay man who may have been the inspiration for Indiana Jones.

Should you find yourself with time, check out their podcast on iTunes or on They also have an app!

Interested in Pink Triangle History?

Want to know more?

A Survivor’s Story — Read Here

Paragraph 175 — Read Here

Pink Triangle History — Read Here

(Upsetting) Post-Camp History — Read Here

Pink Triangle Memorial — Read Here 

Theatre/Play about Pink Triangles: Bent — Read Here

Graphic Novel, including a Hitler Youth Homosexual Relationship — Read Here

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Pictures from my solo trip to New York City in October, or “Marvel Trek 2012.”
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